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 ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, a software
system that aims to serve as a backbone for your whole business.

Accounting, Finance, HR/Payroll, Production, Sales, Logistics,
Inventory, etc. are all integrated into one application throughout an entire company.

>  Improves access to accurate and timely information

>  Enhances workflow, increases efficiency, and reduces reliance on paper

>  Tightens controls and automates e-mail alerts

>  Provides user-friendly Web-based interfaces

>  Streamlines processes and eases adoption of best business practices

>  Establishes a foundation for new systems and integrates existing systems


MRP stage 1960’s
- joint effort between the manufacturer of tractors and other construction machinery, and partner IBM
- Calculate materials they need to buy
- Material supply on time
MRP II stage 70’s-80’s
- Master scheduling and capacity requirements planning to overcome the stability and inventory problem
- Capability of finance management and simulation
ERP stage 90’s-now
- Customer-oriented business running strategy
- Business process reengineering to meet C-O
- Whole supply chain
- Computer technology base

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